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USED: easiway dip tank (37 gallon) Pickup Only

USED: easiway dip tank (37 gallon) Pickup Only

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Used easiway 37 gallon dip tank. good condition, works as it should! 

The most environmentally safe way to save time and money on your screen reclaiming. Easiway dip tank users reduce chemical consumption by up to 70%, decreasing labor needs by up to 50%. The average savings is $.50 per screen!

Add chemical at 1:7 ratio with water. For the PT-520 dip tank we recommend 5 gallons of EasiStrip SUPRA One Step Ink Cleaner and Emulsion Remover and up to 32 gallons of water (leaving approximately 6-10 inches from the top of the tank for the water to fluctuate when you dip your screens).

** This tank is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses/automatic screen users. This tank will hold 3-4 roller frames.



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